Promotional & Branding

For all your promotional, product, and branding needs, we have you covered.

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Get Risqué! A custom designed session crafted to help you let your inner Bad Babe out!

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Creative Projects

Our special projects created from passions to capture unique perspectives, attitudes, and environments.

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Since 2012

Experience life through the lens with Phocus Creations.

Phocus Creations provides personal and artistic photography. With our keen attention to details, we aim to capture the most meaningful moments of your life by using overlooked locations that accent your spirit, style and charisma in every session.

In addition, we work with Brands and Products to convey your unique message appealing to each individual target market and audience.

We also offer stock and decor photographs available for print or download in a variety of styles and settings including landscapes, urban decay, and everyday life beyond any borders.

Are you ready to Experience Your Life through our lens? Contact us today and let's discuss what your vision is so we can create a project together, that's perfectly fit for you.



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